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Broadcast Consulting & Workflow Analysis

From on-air operations to back-end engineering needs, we provide your team the resources and guidance to make a powerful impact on your operations. We'll work with you to create customized solution, support and training that will future-proof your stations and your personnel's ability to become more efficient.

Broadcast Operation & Engineering Services

We offer a wide range of broadcast solutions, effective work-flow analysis, system installation services, support and training for operations and engineering. If you’re looking for a reliable broadcast resource with hands-on experience that understands television broadcasting for a competitive price, Elepscor Communications is your best choice.

Audio/Video Hardware & Software Reseller

We work with our customers to determine what hardware and software will fit their environment , needs and budget. After completing a on-site survey we do the research to find the products that will provide state-of-the-art technology to help you reach your goals and viewership.

Broadcast Streaming Solutions & Services

 No matter how large or small your audience we believe you deserver the best streaming service available. We understand the importance of having a plan and seeing it through. We provide Live Streaming service as well as teaching you how to setup and control your own streaming system.

Broadcast Training ( Onsite or Remote)

We have trained more than five thousand operators and engineers on different hardware and software applications for television. The staff of Elepscor Communications has worked in the television broadcast industry their entire career so we can explain broadcast theory, but we teach from experience.

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