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Television Broadcast
Operations & Engineering Services

Broadcast Knowledge That Moves Technology Forward
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Elepscor Communications

With an ever-increasing demand for streaming media, mobile applications, and consumer customized viewing options, your staff may be struggling to keep up with new technology and changes that new technology introduces into the daily operational workflows. Elepscor Communications provides operational and engineering support services to help your staff of technicians and engineers incorporate, understand and manage new technology. 

Elepscor Communications is a Television Broadcast Operations and Engineering Resource services company based in Fort Worth, TX. We Specialize in areas of On-Air Operations, Engineering support services to include Audio/ Video resource services.

Elepscor Communications has been operating in the television broadcast industry for nearly two decades, providing broadcast services to some of the world’s largest broadcast vendors and Television Stations. Elepscor Communications also provides audio/video services to Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Religious Organization and Small Business.

The mission of Elepscor is to educate the user.

More than 50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

6502 Watch Hill Court
Suite 127
Fort Worth, TX 76120
 Office:  682-301-1467
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